Seeedstudio Grove

I’m also super interested in this…

I don’t know of anyone that has, but then again, people don’t tell me everything they do. I see no issue working with the modules. But, there will need to be some software done to make them work.


I used a couple of grove components with the atMega based MilCandy, but not the BBB. You'll want to make sure that the ones you use are 3volt.
Some definitely will need more software than others.
FYI you'll need the pin out for the cables:
// Grove cable pinout:
// p1 - signal 1 (yellow)
// p2 - signal 2 (white)
// p3 - VCC (red)
// p4 - GND (black)

You might want to prototype on an arduino controller to start...there are a lot of code snippets out there.

I was looking around for a project that suited my needs… I found

Which basically provides all of the sensor interfaces and software that I require. Great open source project, now just to create a suitable enclosure that will deal with the weather.

Just another idea: Sensor hub booster pack for launchpad has very
similar set of sensors. All you need is to connect power and I2C
lines. More wires will be needed if you need to use buttons, LEDs or
the RF expansion connector. Unfortunately you need to port software
you Beaglebone yourself. The biggest advantage of sensor hub is that
you can buy a working board.


Or, you can use the launchpad boosterpack cape from here: