seeking bluetooth adapter recommendations

I’m presently looking to add Bluetooth capabilities to my beagle bone. What adapters are others using successfully with beagle? I’m specifically looking for recommendations on a usb bluetooth adapter that implements classes 1,2, and 3 (class 1 when needed for range, class 3 when usable for power savings). I’m hoping to use it to interface with audio headsets, mice, keyboards, etc. What might those on the list recommend for a class 1 capible usb bluetooth adaptor that works with the bone?



Any adapter that conforms to the HCI API should work. One thing you’ll find is that there are only a few options for low volume applications (CSR won’t talk with you directly unless you’re a major handset vendor). I like Bluegiga, very approachable but I’ll admit I haven’t interfaced with their module just yet.

Please post up if you find something good. I’m having issues loading drivers and I’d like to try to follow in someone elses successes if possible.

I’ve been using this one, I think it’s a Cambdridge Chipset. It works fine in Windows and is very cheap:


I bought a bunch of identical looking adapters from Dealetreme for
experiments. On the most recent angstrom kernel on beaglebone the
dongle was detected and hci0 was showing up, but was unusable
root@beaglebone:~# hciconfig
hci0: Type: BR/EDR Bus: USB
        BD Address: 00:00:00:00:00:00 ACL MTU: 1021:4 SCO MTU: 180:1
        RX bytes:186 acl:0 sco:0 events:12 errors:0
        TX bytes:64 acl:0 sco:0 commands:17 errors:3

I tried to power the system from an external power supply, so it
wasn't a power issue. The only information about problems logged by
the kernel was the following message:
  Bluetooth: hci0 command tx timeout

On my desktop computer the interface was working ok, but the system
was locking hard randomly during BT file transfers.


This was my experience as well. Did you try any experiments with package upgrading?


I upgraded the packages to the most recent version in the repo, but
nothing more than that.


I too getting the same error. The dongle is working fine in my desktop.

Bluetooth: hci0 command tx timeout


I’m using the Belkin F8T003 and I can bring it up and query other BT devices just fine but I’m having trouble connecting. My setup is the Belkin dongle attached to the BB and attempting to connect with an Android handset, which is discoverable and scanning. Issue these commands on the BB:
hciconfig hci0 up
hcitool cc handset_MAC; hcitool auth handset_MAC

command is accepted but nothing happens. passkey-agent command is not recognized by Linux on the BB. Do I need to edit the /etc/bluetooth/main.conf file? Also, the keyboard I have attached to the BB stops working periodically when the BT dongle is up, only a power cycle corrects this (very annoying). Anybody done this before?