Seeking for a solution to support 4 DDR dram devices on beagle board

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I am an user of beagle board for 2 years, now our company has other requirement for this board, I want to check if there is possibility to add another 2 DDR dram into this board, that is, I want this board is able to support 4 DDR dram devices on the beagleboard. I know currently OMAP3xx processor is to support the 2 DDR dram only, it need to expand 2 CS to support this requirement, how to expand another 2 CS? And please help me to give a solution and thanks.

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The DDR signals are only on the top of the processor. The only way to add memory is to replace the DDR POP device with a new one. As you say, there are only 2 CS signals anyway. You cannot do what you want to do.