Selecting closest 802.11s wireless mesh network to join


I am trying to find a way to make a Beaglebone Black device (powered by an external battery) that I am moving near 2 mesh networks join the mesh network with the best signal. I am able to join to the mesh network I want manually by typing the commands given here: Is there a way to make this selection and joining process automatically? I thought that I can do the selection by writing a shell script, but I wanted to make sure that there is no other solution easier than the solution I found.

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This idea might not make too much sense at first…

Get a NEO6M GPS module connected to a UART on the BBB. Write a quick-and-dirty 2D pythagorean NEMA-compliant routine that determines the distance to each hotspot and then connect to the one that makes the most sense (since radio frequency fields are basically circular on the ground).

A nice side effect is your moving device wouldn’t be “promiscuous” if it was out of range of your networks.

Just and idea.