sell an extra Beagle Board?

I'm looking to buy a Beagle Board from someone (paypal?)...Digikey is
out! I want it now.

I would order from DigiKey. They will have a bunch more on Monday.


If you are in a super hurry, I’ll be happy to get a BeagleBoard from stock that I’ve been hoarding for my Windows CE customers. I’ll even take PayPal or even barter to help you achieve your BeagleBoard dreams.

Bill Mar
Special Computing

Gerald, you’re awesome! I’ll do that now.

Don’t let them scare you. They most likely won’t know about the upcoming delivery. Just make them take your money and tell them that you talked with Boris and he said they were on their way!!


When I first ordered a Beagle Board, Digi-Key was out of stock as
well, but I went ahead and placed the order. Less than a week later,
I received a notice from Digi-Key that the board was in stock and
shipping, and four business days later it arrived via UPS ground (I am
in the metro Atlanta, GA area.)

The only annoying part is having to answer a bunch of questions about
shipping backordered items vs non-backordered items when placing the
order. The annoying part was that I only had the one Beagle Board on
the invoice, so the questions did not apply, but I still had to answer
them. No big deal.

While I didn't have to mention Boris, it is always good to have a name
to drop in case of problems.


I have one for sale in the UK. Bought it with the intention of doing
great things with it but to be honest is only left the box to see if
it worked. Email me off list if your in the UK and want to avoid the
import taxes I had to pay.


How about buying more than 1 beagle? My team is thinking on buying a
bunch and it doesn't make sense to buy and ship one by one.