Selling my Beagleboard-XM

I’m selling a Beagleboard-XM Rev.C

The board is in excellent condition and it was bought at DigiKey store in December 2011.
I almost haven’t used at all, just tried 2 or 3 linux distributions since it arrived. That’s all.

I’m selling it because I recently got no video output anymore. This issue is known as “orange screen” at the forums and can be solved with a Serial Rs232 cable.

Unfortunately I haven’t got any nor I want to continue keeping this board anyway. I hope you’ll give it a better use than me.

The package includes:

- Beagleboard-XM Rev.C motherboard. - 4GB micro-sd card. - Original package that came with the board: []( **As optional, I could add (price increase to manage shipping costs):** - Wifi 802.11n USB mini dongle: []( - HDMI >> DVI connector: []( - ABS Plastic custom prototype enclosure*: []( __*The case was designed by me. It fits the board quite well, although it’s not perfect. It was meant to be a test for a late design.__

Payment Method: Paypal preferred, Credit Card also accepted.

Shipping to Worldwide.

Price: ask me in private at and we’ll agree terms & conditions.

The board was sold some days ago, so I end with this post and my interest for this community.

Thank you all for the support.