Sending packages upstream

Hi everyone,

I’m currently working on the BeaglePilot project. A project that works on the ardupilot port to Linux-based computers. On the process i’m generating some .deb packages that might be nice to send upstream (e.g.: mavlink ROS package).
Furthermore, as suggested by Jason (cc’ed) it’ll be nice that anyone with a BB/BBB and the right sensors could do “apt-get install beaglepilot” and make their bones into flying drones.

The objective should be at least to send it to Debian 8 and

The Linux HAL of ardupilot (which is in what BeaglePilot is based) is compiled though make (refer to these basic instructions) .

For these purposes i’d like to ask for help/advice/pointers to those of you who know how to send stuff upstream (never done it).

Thanks in advance,