Serial console wont work after angstrom update

Hi there,

I could boot a narcissus image with kernel version 2.6.39 without any errors. Now I build a kernel and console-image via bitbake and sadly my board is stuck in the boot process.
First I only updated the kernel and it’s modules to 3.0.28 without any problems. But when I erased my sd-card and extracted the console-image on it, i got the following boot messages on my serial console.
Any clues what went wrong?

Between kernel 2.6.X and kernel 3.0.X the serial ports have been renamed from TTYSx to TTYOx (a O like in Old)

So, you should remove any mention of console="something" in you uEnv.txt file
If it does not works, try
console="tty0 console=TTYO2,115200n8"

In any case, change the entry in your root /etc/inittab file system that mention TTYSx to TTYOx

That did the trick for me

And even if you don't see anything during boot time, or after decompressing kernel message, wait for the login prompt for 30 seconds (hit enter if it does not show)

I created a uEnv.txt with

console=“tty0 console=TTYO2,115200n8”
Also there was no /etc/inittab on my newly created image, so I used my old one.
But it made nodifference.

I still can see the messages from x-Loader and uBoot until:

Starting kernel …

Uncompressing Linux… done, booting the kernel.

then about 15 seconds later, my serial console is filled with ASCII characters and a blinking cursor.
And there is no remote echo of any kind when I start typing someting.

Is it possible my image is incomplete or so?
I did a

bitbake virtual/kernel
bitbake console-image

and extracted

onto my previously erased (rm -fR *) sdcard

Somehow my uEnv.txt seems to be ignored by u-boot.
When I put console=tty0 console=TTYO2,115200n8 directly in my bootargs via setenv, everything works fine.