Serial Debug output to ethernet

Is there any way to send the Serial Debug output to a remote PC using ethernet connection?

So far I’ve been using Serial to USB so I can debug what’s happening during booting. But having a way to connect to the board remotely would be really helpful.

Anyone already did this?

As long as your Remote PC is on the same Local Area Network…
Put “Putty” on your remote PC.
Sign onto your BBB using SSH.
— Graham

booting console is serial only as far as I know. You can put serial on ethernet by using a serial server:

But we prefer to turn a (second) bbb into a serial server! Just attach a serial usb to the bbb and setup ser2net. Off you go!

Toni is correct. Via SSH, you can not sign in until booting is complete, so you can not watch the boot process this way.
You can go look at the syslog at /var/log/syslog after signing in, and see (most of) what happened, assuming that it did complete booting.
This may or may not help you.
— Graham