Serial header on Beaglebone Black


My beaglebone blacks system (kernel and software) is on sdcard. I dont
use the internal flash.
I want to connect an Utlimate GPS chip by Adafruit
to the Beaglebone black. This chip uses an UART type of connection.

Is it posible to connect the chip to the serial header, which already
exist on the beaglebone black PCB, if I switch off the serial console in uEnv.txt
or may this harm the GPS chip, because any garbage which comes out of
the header while booting the board kills/harms it?

Any precautions I have to take? Or is this the wrong way to go?

Thank you very much for any help in advance!

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Here is an example:

search the Adafruit beaglebone forum for Ultimate GPS

Hi John,

thanks for the link!

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John Stampfl <> [14-10-09 04:44]: