Serial port connection


   I just received my Beagle Board and realized that I need to connect
the Serial Port for console. However, my laptop Macbook Pro does not
have a serial port. How others solve the problem? I know there is one
type USB2.0 to DB9 cable. What software is needed to use such cable?


You should be able to use a USB to serial adapter. In a Windows based machine, it will support the USB adapter as a serial port, so in most cases there is no special driver needed. You should be able to use it with most terminal emulation SW.


Hi scurock,

I use my Beagleboard with a MacBook Air and a USB->serial converter
and it works fine.

A safe bet is any old USB->serial converter based on the Prolific
chipset (a lot are, even if they don't advertise it). These tend to
play nicely with Windows, Linux and Mac. You can get Mac drivers for
these from:

Otherwise, just make sure that whichever adapter you choose is Mac
compatible (i.e. has drivers for OS X).

Once you've got your adapter and drivers installed, you need to find a
terminal emulator capable of talking to a serial connection. I
downloaded minicom and compiled from source without any problems ('./
configure' then 'sudo make install').

BTW - if you do install the Prolific drivers above, you'll find the
serial device (which you'll need to put into minicom) at: /dev/

Hope this helps,