serial port diagnostic data from Beagleboard XM crash due to USB error on Ubuntu 12.04.2

Hopefully starting a new thread is bad form, but the Cmake subject line is relevant anymore.

To recap the problem, a Beagleboard XM under opensuse freezes due to a USB error. Under Ubuntu, useful data is sent to the serial port.

ah... so that's: sprz319-erratum-2.1

Here's my current patch, for v3.7.x

You can easily enable it via:

and just run my build script,

Can't enable it by default has my older Beagle C4's hardlock with the
patch... But I recently swapped a good xM for one that suffers from
that errata and it's now on my list of things todo after i get this
weeks release out..


Oh and to quickly test out the patch,

Here's a build with it enabled..

Not the latest v3.7.x, but it'll give you a quick verification..


I hate to be a pain, but I will need more explicit instructions regarding git. All I have ever done with git is “git clone …” to get source code. Assuming I know nothing is a great assumption…

In that case just use the pre-built images to verily the
"sprz319-erratum-2.1" usb erratum...

Here's basic walk thru of where to install those bits..

Note, if you installed ubuntu/Canonoical's image from an
domain, they still use "uImage" so use that file over "zImage" shown
in my wiki page.. Also ignore the "dtbs" and "rootfs" from that page
as those are not needed for your case either..


If I create a new image, I will have to do all the software installation/compilation from scratch. And then I’d be at an old rev. I rather patch the kernel in my present sdhc card.

And again, think newbie. I really need this line by line. If you are too busy at the moment, I can wait a while.

BTW, so not all Beagleboard XMs have this problem? Reading your comments in the patch, I gather this isn’t an optimal fix.

I understand that github and git is the be all end all for developers. They really killed sourceforge. But for the poor schmuck downloading and installing software, git is really lacking in clarity. Sourceforge was like going to the freezer and getting a piazza. Git requires trying to find the freezer in the dark and not mistakenly taking out ice cream instead of the piazza.

Well, then your best option is to go talk to "whoever" built the
"kernel" your currently running and tell them to build your a kernel
with the "sprz319-erratum-2.1" patch...


Is this patch independent of OS? For instance, could it work on Fedora or Opensuse?

Is this patch independent of OS? For instance, could it work on Fedora or

Why not? Last I heard both Fedora and OpenSuse use the linux kernel..
Did they move over to HURD or something? :wink:

The patch I posted in this thread was recently re-based for the v3.7.x
branch... It's been used since v3.0.x...


OK, I didn’t want to suggest something and get a barrage of feedback saying I don’t know what I’m talking about, which in this case is true.

Well I showed one person your patch and he was stymied. I will send the link around to a few others, hopefully someone can figure it out and walk me through it.

BTW, here is a different crash message:

[18543.626983] hub 1-0:1.0: port 2 disabled by hub (EMI?), re-enabling…
[18545.901947] ehci-omap ehci-omap.0: force halt; handshake fa064814 0000c000 00000000 → -110
[18543.626983] hub 1-0:1.0: port 2 disabled by hub (EMI?), re-enabling…

Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS localhost ttyO2

localhost login:

It's actually the same... "port 2 disabled by hub (EMI?), re-enabling"
is the indicator of the bug...



Testing Kernel, with patch enabled..

Directions (read between the lines)


Read between the lines? Uh, lots of lines there

I’m working on a bit more of the software and didn’t want to mess up a functioning (well as functioning as a screwed up Beagleboard XM can be) system with the patch. I’ll clone the SDHC card and try the patch this weekend. I haven’t found anyone that can follow your instructions, so I expect disaster.

Duuuude… insulting the guy who is trying to help you is socially inept even by software industry standards. And furthermore, a cursory reading of the list archives reveals that many of us have followed Robert’s directions (and amazingly turn-key and idiot-proof scripts) easily and with great success. If you find something that is inaccurate or unclear, I’m sure suggestions for correction or clarification will be welcomed. Chris MacGregor (the Seattle one)

Uh, have a nice day.