Serial port issue and display question

I have a couple of questions regarding the BeagleBoard-xM.

Last week I first hooked up my BBxM via USB Serial cable and was able to boot and login no problem. This week I can boot and see output from the board but it doesn’t acknowledge any input I send. This is with the reference Angstrom image that came with the board, that also worked last week. I haven’t made any changes that would explain this. The host system is running Fedora 14 and I’ve tried both screen and minicom (screen is what I used earlier when it was working). I haven’t been able to rule out a problem with the USB Serial cable, but has anyone run across something similar? I’ve tried a couple different host machines, multiple reboots of the BBxM, same behavior.

After my serial cable stopped working, I hooked the BBxM up to my DVI KVM and it worked fine, but I was careful not to switch while it was running because I didn’t know if that would be the same as unplugging the DVI port (and thus cause damage to the board). Does anyone know whether this is the case or not? Or is it KVM specific? I’m using an IOGear Miniview DVI 4 Port USB KVMP Switch.

Thanks in advance.