Server Communication Setting in BeagleBone Black (Tech Question)

Hi, BeagleBone Community.

I have specific questions about BeagleBone Black software setting for server communication.

  1. Does the Beaglebone have built-in modules (or programs) that send status information to a particular server?

  2. If so, how do you save the target IP / Port inside of Beaglebone?

  3. What are the protocol (TCP or UDP) and the data format for the data sent to the server?


Hi Albert,
I believe you want to configure your device as a client and communicate to a server. If that’s not the case then skip this mail.

  1. BB is essentially a linux machine with additional capability to do real time interfaces. So just like any computer you will need your own implementation of Client. This again will be in 2 steps.
    a. Connect Beaglebone to Internet or Internal Network: You can search on you tube for “connect beaglebone to Internet”.
    b. Write Software Implementation for the Client: You could write your implementation in any of your preferred language like C,C++,NodeJS, Python etc.

  2. To Save particular Target IP: You join a network by settings done /etc/network/interfaces file.The client then makes API calls to the server over it. It’s kind of difficult for me to explain here. But trust me it’s not complicated. A little bit of reading on the Mr.Google will get you abreast of this.

  3. TCP or UDP: I don’t think you will have to worry about these details when you are working on high level language with a Linux OS. It’s TCP only I think anyways. But experts can opine.

Kind Regards,
Aditya Ayachit