Setting static ip via /etc/network/interfaces fails with Ubuntu on BeagleBoard xM

Hi folks,

I’m going nuts. All over the internet it is said, that changing /etc/network/interfaces should set an abitrary static ip for the BeagleBoard xM using ubuntu.

I came across suggestions like these that strictly stick to the eth0-device. An other configured the eth0- and usb0-device - with dirfferent adresses?! Both did not work for me and my Beagle. Can anybody please give me a hint how to set the static for my Beagle?


When you use the auto keyword then the Beaglebone tries to boot with those configurations. If you have connected the USB at the time of boot and then are trying to SSH into via eth it may not work. Best is to set the settings in /etc/network/interfaces using USB. And reboot using on LAN cable connected.

*And reboot using only LAN cable connected.