Setting up a local Ubuntu Repository for BeagleBoard


My apologies as this question does not fall under the purview of the BeagleBoard. However, I felt it might be useful to others too, who I am sure might be planning to set up Ubuntu repositories on their local machines.

Since quite a few of us here are trying to do some development on BeagleBoards running Ubuntu, I thought it would be better to have a local repository that could update itself at an hour when no one is working, and not hog up precious bandwidth for the rest of the day.
I wish to have the repo (for Jaunty and Karmic) on my desktop (which also runs Ubuntu), on an external drive (/media/repos)

I installed apt-mirror and apache2 :

sudo aptitude install apache2 apt-mirror

I then made the following configuration file (in /etc/apt/mirrors.list):

apt-mirror configuration file

set base_path /media/Repos/
set nthreads 5

For Ubuntu BeagleBoard

deb karmic-updates main universe
deb jaunty-updates main universe

Cleaning section


Is the above configuration file ok? The configuration file for Ubuntu desktop has deb-i386 or deb-amd64 at the start of each line. Is there any such addition in the configuration file for the Ubuntu on the BeagleBoard?

Also, when I run the command apt-mirror, I get the following error :

~$ sudo apt-mirror
~$ touch: cannot touch `/media/Repos//var/apt-mirror.lock’: No such file or directory
apt-mirror: can’t chdir to skel at /usr/bin/apt-mirror line 359.

Are there any further changes I need to make in the /usr/bin/apt-mirror file to run a repo?


Hi Kedar,

for armel use: deb-armel

But otherwise I haven't had too much luck with apt-mirror myself.

Instead i've been using "apt-cacher-ng" for a good year now. It's
setup to cache deb files as you download them, so you don't start with
a massive download, but instead download files over time..

Then I just add this too rootstock: "--mirror"

And add a proxy line to apt.conf for my other systems..

voodoo@zeus:~$ cat /etc/apt/apt.conf
Acquire::http::Proxy "";

However If you want the whole archive, you should really use rsync.. (Partial mirroring section for
just a couple arch)


Hi Robert,

Thanks a lot for your quick response. Saved me a lot of time, that would have gone wrestling with apt-mirror to work.

I will try the apt-cacher method as well as the rsync method and get back to the group.