Setting up Starterware in CCSv6

Has anyone found a set of instructions for setting up StarterWare in CCSv6 running on Windows that is confirmed to work for the BBB? I don’t want to use the BBB with an OS. I really only want to get the libraries for the hardware abstraction layer if I can so that I can jump into C code.

I’ve found several sets of instructions in various places that all seem to be different, and none are building correctly. I seem to be missing function definitions. The header files are there, but I can’t find where their definitions are anywhere. The best set of instructions I’ve found are here:

However, I am still having problems getting anything to build. I have installed the Beaglebone Black patch AM335X -

I also notices that if when I create a target configuration CCS and select BeagleBone_Black it identifies the processor as an AM3359 and not an AM3358. All the documentation I have says it should be an AM3358 and I can see AM3358 printed on it.

I have confirmed that CCS is working and was able to get the simple hello world program to run through JTAG on my first try. BTW, I found the following very good for getting the JTAG working:

Okay . . . so why not just use uboot ? You need something to bring up the board, may as well use what everything else is using too . . .

I am not familiar with uboot. If its a Linux thing, I’m not familiar with it. If I can write C code, which I am familiar with, on a full IDE on my Windows or Mac machine, which I am familiar with, and debug with JTAG that shows me the values of every register in a nice GUI as I step through code line by line, and not have any processes running that I did not code, then I would be willing to give it a try. If not, those would be the reasons I’m trying something else. I do want to learn Linux someday, but just not this month.

If I do figure out StarterWare or an alternative for what I describe above, I’ll be sure to share it.

uboot is a bootloader which can then start the Linux kernel, etc etc. However it can also be used to run a standalone executable. So mostly bare metal. There are some basic utilities included. Such as USB, networking, etc Also some i2c functionality.

As for the rest. There may be a JTAG debugger ( I’m thinking perhaps OpenOCD ), but no idea on a GUI that can be used with such. Also, no hands on here so may be slim pickings for support on this board . . . would definitely be more work, so sounds like it is not for you. At least not at the moment.

Thanks for the help. I was able to figure out what I was doing wrong. The instructions at the link I gave are correct. Only I had checked the option to copy files to the workspace when importing the supporting projects. That was the problem. I then had to build each referenced project separately.

When I have a little time I will make a video of the whole process and post a link.

As promised, I have made a video showing how to get started with starterware in CCSv6 for the next person who gets stuck like I did. Here is a link:


Tom Olenik