Script For Ubuntu SD Card, Prepared On Fedora Host

I'm using Fedora 14 as a host computer. I'm looking at Robert Nelson's excellent script, which unfortunately doesn't work on Fedora for preparing a Ubuntu sd card for my Beagle.

Is there a working script for Fedora?

Where can I find an mkimage (or uboot-mkimage?) script or package that can be installed on Fedora?


Bob Cochran

Hi Bob,

If you use the latest git version, it's getting closer:

I'm left with that same question, checking and recommending dependices
on fedora is all that really left for me to workout..


on fedora you use:

yum whatprovides */mkimage

and it turns out to be in the mkimage package :slight_smile:

I was able to use the script on Fedora. I did have to install the mkimage rpm and several other packages which escape me now. The 'yum whatprovides' and 'yum list' commands are handy for finding the correct packages.