SGX Android support?

Hello all. Is there any internal discussion over at TI about dusting off the Android SGX API for the 4.1+ kernels? While the BBB always had Rowboat on the 3.2 kernel to fall back on if someone really, really needed GLES, we won’t really have this option for the x15. Since there are binary blobs in the Android Graphics SDK, I’ve had my hands tied with getting GLES up and running for Android on the Beagle platforms with kernels beyond 3.2. I usually just fall back to the emulated GLES stuff (fooling Android into thinking it is running under QEMU), but this really slows down performance at reasonable resolutions.

Is there an Android Graphics SDK beyond that can handle the newer kernels and the SGX544 GPU? Everything I can find on the TI wikis are for the SGX530 and 2.6-3.2 kernels…

I know Nishanth is looking for someone to take over this Android project:

Otherwise, this repo contains sgx for the omap5, dra7(x15), and now am4:;a=summary;a=summary


yep, been almost an year since I looked at it - was based on 3.8
kernel and on previous pre-production board.

the long ago private g+ post stated:
Borad beagley... Still can't get the darned mouse pointer on screen
(any hints?) :frowning: - anyways.. thanks to rest of the folks making things
work... was kinda easier to make this happen part time unofficially...
(mouse works as seen with the test app)

{NOTE: DONT EXPECT QUALITY CODE - just hacking for fun of it}

I think the mouse issue was later resolved - though I had'nt gotten
around to test it.

More than happy to hand this over to anyone who might be interested in
taking things forward :slight_smile: (if you need the blender file for the running
beagle startup video :

all done on spare time ofcourse :wink: