SGX Drivers problem

I installed the “bone-debian-9.1-lxqt-armhf-2017-08-31-4gb” image into SD Card and booting up with 4.9.45 kernel(default kernel of image).

i used to install SGX drivers.after following all steps no any module loaded(pvr and omaplfb).according to the this question :!topic/beagleboard/sOhHuq_T6KQ
i updated BBB’s kernel to “4.9.69” and do all steps again, but no any chance to load modules!

According to the i installed v 4.4 kernel and boot up with 4.4 kernel and do the all steps again.after some efforts i can load “pvrsrvkm” but omapflb not loading.when i run “sudo modprobe omaplfb” i got the error “modprobe: ERROR: could not insert ‘omaplfb’: Exec format error”

Any help appreciated