SGX - OPENGL - Buildroot


I’m currently trying to work with the latest configuration for the black beaglebone on buildroot (beaglebone_qt5_defconfig).

I am able to build and run the image on the board and the sgx module is loaded :

lsmod | grep pvr pvrsrvkm 389120 0

When I try to run sgx demo like OGLES2Water, I get the error : PVRShell: Unable to initialise EGL

I saw on a forum that error is due to the absence of the mesa EGL library. So I installed the package mesa3d from buildroot with the DRI swrast driver.

And now I have a new error : PVRShell: Unable to create surface

I haven’t found the cause of this new error and I am stuck at this stage.

What is my error to make opengl work with buildroot for the black beaglebone?

Thank you

Hi! Could you resolve it? I am in the same point :frowning:

I’ve seen the “Unable to create surface” error when OpenGL can not attach to a display. Are you doing this remote or do you have some sort of display attached to the board and running locally? Also, have you checked the output of glxinfo or run glxgears to see if it can display the gears demo?