SGX Video Acceleration

Hi. I'm trying to get Video Acceleration to work in Ubuntu and I'm
following this guide,
however i'm i try to run the script it says "ERROR: This script can
only be run on an x86 system. (TI *.bin is an x86 executable)". I've
commented this line in the script and it works, but i'm not sure this
is the correct approach. Does anyone has any ideas about this?

I have that ERROR, in the script for a reason...

What system are your running the "" on?

I'm guessing a beagle, as it only checks for "armv7l"

"uname -m" would confirm..

Anywho, unless you implement x86 emulation on arm, it's not possible
the run the TI *.bin file that contains all the sgx stuff you need..



Sorry, i only realized my error after posting. Thank you for your
I was trying to run it on the beagle instead of x86 PC, just like you
Thank you