Shared File for wifi controll

Hey there,

I’m trying to do a wifi controlled robot and I’m currently trying to controll my BBB throug a c++ programm.

My beagelbone and the notebook are connected through wifi (thats working perfekt with the atheros driver).

My idea is, that i want to have a shared file, which is accessable by my beagelbone and my notebook with c++ code. In this file i will write some stuff from my notebook and the beaglebone will automaticly read it.

But my problem is: How do i get such a file?

My beagelbone is currently running with debian and i have virtual box with ubuntu installed on my notebook.

I have been tring for several days now but i dont get the right way… So a good hint or solution would be very nice :slight_smile:

Thank you very much :slight_smile: