shell interface to BBB rev C DIO pins

On the BBW you could get a slow but easy interface to GPIO pins
through the file system at /sys/kernel/debug/gpio or so.

That was angstrom, BBB rev C is debian. I'm happy generally but
I wonder:

1. If the same set of pins are usable for dio (without interfering with
     other things, on BBW I found the subset of pins that were open
     for use so to speak), is it the same for BBB rev C?

2. Where is the best place to read about the BBB rev C shell interface?
     Many of the old angstrom references were not very complete...


BBB shell interface ? It’s running Debian, if you want to learn about the shell, read a Debian howto / wiki. Now if you mean I/O specific stuff, then there are multiple places to learn. Two best places I can think of offhand might be Derrek Molloy on yourtube, and Mark Y on these groups has a fairly extensive online “course” I dont know the link off hand maybe Mark will chime in. Or you can search the group for Mark Yodar I think ? Not sure on the last name.

Here is my own post last year as I was learning about debugfs → but it is basically just me talking about enabling it. But I’ve always built my own custom Debian “images” using RCN’s instructions.

The REVC should come with debugfs working.