Short between VIO_1V8 & GND

Hi All,
My beagleboard-Xm A3 expansion header is showing a short between VIO_1V8(pin1) and GND, but the board is working properly. Can someone explain the reason ???

Thanks in Advance

That is typically an indication that one of the I/O pins has been exposed to an over voltage condition and the processor has been damaged. The board usually continues to operate, but it may be getting a little warmer than usual.


Dear Gerald,
Thanks for your reply. You are right, the board (Processor & PMIC) is getting heated. Actually I have never tried to connect any external device to the IO pin. So is it because of ESD ??
Can you please suggest some idea to find the exact IO pin which has got damaged due to over voltage.


Did you power off the BeagleBoard before measuring the resistance with DMM?


2012/5/3 Kaushik <>

It could be ESD. Finding the exact pin that is bad, has no real value as there is nothing you can do about it. The chip is blown and the processor and memory have to be replaced. Trying to figure out the exact pin is hard to do.