Should suspend disable USB hub?


Using a kernel image and rootfs built by the Narcissus autobuilder, I
can boot up my Beagleboard with a powered USB hub plugged into the
EHCI port and all the LEDs on the hub come on.

I can log in using the keyboard and mouse plugged into the hub at the
GUI login prompt on the monitor plugged into the HDMI port and the
system logs me into the Enlightenment interface (the one I selected on
the Narcissus autobuilder).

I've played various videos (using mplayer, still having issues with
gstreamer) including the davincieffect_ntsc.264 one (very cool
video). When I bring up a terminal window and do an "echo mem > /sys/
power/state" to suspend the system, it boots me to the initial GUI
login prompt and disables the USB hub (all the LEDs go off), so
logging back in isn't possible (until hard reboot of the Beagleboard).

Is this correct behavior? I would expect that devices such as the
USB hub would be included in the suspend process and therefore be
temporarily disabled/suspended during suspend, but shouldn't it "come
back" on resume? Also, I would have expected suspend to blank out the
GUI interface or something (while suspended) and not boot me back to
the GUI login prompt. Does that sound correct?

Basically, I'm assuming I did something incorrectly, configured
something in the .config incorrectly, or am otherwise mininterpreting
stuff. This is all on a RevC board, 1.4.2 loader, 2009.08 u-boot,
whatever the latest is from Narcissus, etc.

Thanks much,
Bill Bock