Shouldn't be this difficult. upload file

Connected to BBB using tty specifically putty

logged and ls -a give me directory infor.

Trying to upload a file “test.txt” to the BBB from my local computer

Tried all these. nothing works. What stupid mistake am I making?

Putty is running in the directory that “test.txt” resides.
the directory testing exists in the root on the BBB. I see it with ls -a
I can cd to it and find no files in it. As it should be.

I try unsuccessfully to upload a file to it. What am I doing wrong?

root@beaglebone:~/testing# cp test.txt test.txt

cp: cannot stat ‘test.txt’: No such file or directory

root@beaglebone:~/testing# cp C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\test.txt /root/testing/test.txt

-bash: AdministratorDesktoptest.txt: command not found

cp: missing destination file operand after ‘C:Users’

Try ‘cp --help’ for more information.

root@beaglebone:~/testing# cp\Users\Administrator\Desktop\test.txt /root/testing/test.txt

cp: cannot stat ‘’: No such file or directory


If your main computer is Linux, then you can cp across computers with a common network connection,

But if your main computer is Windows, for small to medium amounts of data …

I find an easy way is to cd to where you want to create the file.
nano test.txt
then copy the contents of the source file in a windows text editor into the copy buffer
then paste it into nano inside of putty.
Control-X to exit, Yes to save

In the reverse direction, cat the text file you want to export, copy in putty and paste into a suitable file inside of windows.

For larger amounts of data/files, you could put on a uSD card with a FAT file system and mount it in either a Windows computer or a Linux, moving the uSD card back and forth.
Or put the files/data on a USB stick formatted with FAT file system, then move the USB stick back and forth.

— Graham

Putty connected via a serial connection (aka a tty) doesn't copy files from one machine to another. Look into something like scp, sftp, winscp, etc. etc. etc. Those all connect via IP though not serial.


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root@beaglebone:~/testing# cp test.txt test.txt

cp: cannot stat 'test.txt': No such file or directory

  When you connect with PuTTY, you are now "on" the beagle, and all
commands only know about the beagle file system.

  If you have a file on the host computer, you either have to make the
host computer a mounted file system on the beagle (probably more complex
than you want to consider) OR use a file transfer program

  If you are using PuTTY, you should also have it's SFTP client available
(I'm going to demonstrate with an R-Pi as I have it booted -- it's running
a web server, but other than the login and node names, both are versions of

From PuTTY: