Shrinking Debian images?

I really like the Debian Stretch and Buster images but they take up the entire 4GB on BBB. Is anyone aware of slightly slimmed down derivatives of these versions?

I want to install Docker and Free Radius but there is absolutely no room!


You can grab the console image...

Or even this custom image i did this week. (with docker installed by default..)

Going forward that image is going to be converted from docker to just
nodejs, but i needed something quick this week..

Side note, on first bootup, delete this file:

sudo rm /etc/docker.init.webthings-gateway

Then you can remove the big 1.3GB container that was pre-installed..


Thank you Robert!

I will likely run node.js inside docker images spun up via GitLab runner so that is perfect!



Is there a manifest describing contents somewhere online? I am scratching my head as to why "IoT" is so much larger than "Console".

Yeap, here you go:


That is really slick! I was not aware those tools were available.

Thank you Robert!