Simple steps to get BeaglBoardxM and DSP working?

I tried variations of DSP support for Linux 3.2 Angstrom distro.
For DSPBridge, I got:
26: 16264 INTC
28: 0 INTC DspBridge iommu fault

which supposedly means, mailbox_mach.ko is not loaded (which doesn’t exist)
For DSPLink I got:
[ 1422.245300] DSP-side configuration mismatch/failure
[ 1422.253448] 0 → success
[ 1422.260131] Positive value → DSP-side failure code.
[ 1422.268188] (Uint32) -1 → DSP-side component was not initialized.
[ 1422.268218]
[ 1422.282135] ProcId received : 0, Expected : 0
[ 1422.289916] DRV configuration status [0xffffffff]
[ 1422.298614] IPS configuration status [0xffffffff]
[ 1422.306945] POOL configuration status [0xffffffff]
[ 1422.315368] MPCS configuration status [0xffffffff]
[ 1422.323730] MPLIST configuration status [0xffffffff]
[ 1422.332122] MQT configuration status [0xffffffff]
[ 1422.340545] DATA configuration status [0xffffffff]
[ 1422.348968] RINGIO configuration status [0xffffffff]
Looks like a memory setting issue in uEnv.txt, for which I can’t find any working solution.

SYSLink is in a beta state, which makes me wonder, if it will work.
C6Run is not supported anymore and depends either on DSPLink or SYSLink.
Then we have CE, which also depends on DSPLink. OpenCL or RCM are not available.

So the only options seems to get DSPLink or BridgeDriver working.
What is the current state of DSP support for Angstrom Linux 3.2 on Beagleboard xM?