Single Cape Expansion Connector

anybody know where there is stock on these. BBB is so popular

all stock has vanished

Is this what you are looking for?

Or something different?

— Graham


— Graham

yeppers... but only 44 in stock. mouser digikey and others are all on
back order

Well, in an emergency, you can make your own out of breakaway stock.

Or, if you are in the US and looking for manufacturing volumes,
then call your local Samtec rep. They can turn this kind of stuff in days.
They normally don’t use stocking reps. Factory direct. Very fast response.

— Graham

46-pin headers are a bit unusual. Normally, you'd just buy a longer
snap-able header (like 50-pin) and snap off the unneeded pins.

You can also buy the "official" connectors from Major League via their
BeagleBone store:

That's a good source if you need a lot of connectors. The price is
good, and you won't have to manually break each header to length.

I know about breakaway headers and all. just when quoting its best to
specify real connectors with
no waist.


Both “Major League Electronics” and Samtec are located in New Albany, Indiana.

What are the chances ?

Sounds like there is a back-story there, somewhere.

— Graham