[Slightly OT]: Electrical connection f. power


To connect an external harddrive, which seems to draw to many power
from the USB-port, to my beaglbone I want to extra power the USB-hub
to which it is connected (hub is connect to BB).

As a power source I use an power bank (LIPO accu pack, normally used
to charge cell phones, which is able to deliver 2A at 5V).

Now I want to connect all in the following manner:

Connect LIPO accu to beaglebone.
Also connect the LIPO accu to the power in of the hub.
The cable is split: on eside goes into the accu and
is split into two ends which are connected as described.

I checked that both the beaglebone and the hub share
the same ground.

As far as I know, this should work...
But better to ask before frying the beaglebone.

Should that work ok or is it wrong?

Thank you very much in advance for any help!

Best regards,

Best bet is to just get you a powered hub, I was reading some tutorials on adding external power to the UNpowered ones, but if I’m not mistaken they were all saying that to do it, you will basically be disabling the USB ports for anything other than power. So they would no longer work as USB ports for transferring data from your hard drive. You could do some googling and maybe prove me wrong, but pretty sure best bet is to just gonna be to get a powered hub.


it is a powered hub...I just want to add the power itsself in
the way I describes in the my previous mail...
Only question is: Is that way working or frying my beaglebone (current
loop or such nasty things...)



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