Slow ipv4 search


Linux beaglebone 3.8.13-bone60 #1 SMP Mon Jul 7 20:34:48 UTC 2014 armv7l GNU/Linux
Element 14 Revision C board
Just flashed with flasher.

It takes between some seconds up to 3 mins to obtain an IPv4 address.
When I start the BBB with network cable connected, I get the IPv4 address after 20-30s (perfect :D).
The problem comes if I disconnect the network cable and connect it again without turning off the BBB, then it takes really long.

Important results:
I get always the IPv6 address after some seconds (up to 13s until now)

How did I measure it?
Ping answer

static ip ? dhcp ? Where is eth0 configured ? network manager or /etc/network/interfaces ?

I’ve only ever used /etc/network.interfaces myself, and I do not use IPV6 ( optargs=ipv6.disable=1 ). 20-30 seconds sounds about right, however I’m not sure I can hotplug eth0 as I mount my rootfs via NFS. . .

As I said, just flashed. Default configuration with latest flasher, dchp, etc. Like a new BBB :smiley:
Flasher come from here:

wget [](