Small Footprint Filesystem with Synergy


I want to reduce the Angstrom demo filesystem as much as possible (I
don't care too much about the X applications or all the bells and
whistles of the different X-win managers) but I still need Synergy to
still work. We're trying to use Synergy on the BeagleBoard to control
mouse/keyboard events on a host PC; I guess Synergy intercepts X-win
mouse/keyboard events and relay them over a network interface to the
host PC. Do you know what packages can I remove used opkg remove? I
already started removing the gnome-games, firefox, various other X
applications. Can Synergy run without X-windows running? TIA


Hi Andy,

If you don't want X then why bother about synergy???
You can just ssh into your box. Much more convenient.

I really depends on what you are doing. If you want to control the
input of that is displayed
on a screen or monitor ssh won't help here.

We're using the BeagleBoard as a "black box" between a mouse/keyboard
device and a embedded host with a display; BB is relaying the mouse/
keyboard events to the host. You ask, "Why not connect the mouse/
keyboard device directly to the host?", well, I don't know why, I
guess that's the requirement. Is there another way besides synergy?


Ah ok, thought you would like to use synergy on a linux system and
relay the keys to a beagleboard!
Btw some explanation on that scenario is explained on

Guess that if you do not want X on your system you should install the
dev env and build console_image and use that.
(you might want to look at
to get started on building your own image)