SNMP and mibs for BBB board

I want to use the Beagle bone black to develop a telemetry system for broadcast TV transmitter Networks. I will use the world cast manager from the world cast smibsfir ystem company to monitoring all BBB in remotes sites.
To use this platform I need to know if the BBB support SNMP protocol and how I can get the mibs .
Someone would me help to respond this questions?



Hi Hugo,
The BeagleBone Black is the equivalent of a computer, running (usually) Linux.
Think of it like a PC. As a result, by default there is no MIB for it, but there is nothing to stop anyone from creating it, to run as a process.
It’s a useful thing, I’m sure others would also have uses for some basics like temperature and CPU usage and other resource availability observable via SNMP.
There may be some free code out there to do it, otherwise it would have to be written by someone . Linux has SNMP libraries and a daemon… so that would be worth investigating.
I have used Linux to retrieve SNMP counters but I’ve not done it the other way which is what you’re asking for, so I cannot really help much further.

Thanks Shabaz

I thought it was possible, cause in its electronic design, the operation and control of the telecomunications and broadcast equipments is realize through a "computer " , they support the SNMP protocol and have mibs.
But your explanation is very useful for me,now I understand .

Best regards