SoftAP control

I looked over some of the prior discussions around softAP using

I looked over some of the prior discussions around softAP using /etc/default/bb-wl18xx settings. Seems like an option to use a user-generate hostapd.
I have a couple questions:
1) I'd like to use the softAP to exchange raw Ethernet with some host STAs. It seems like I can change the SSID and passkey by modifying the /etc/default/bb-wl18xx. I want to make the SSID hidden (not broadcast) and I'd like to disable the DHCP on that interface as well. Is that possible?

SSID hidden would be;

# Send empty SSID in beacons and ignore probe request frames that do not
# specify full SSID, i.e., require stations to know SSID.
# default: disabled (0)
# 1 = send empty (length=0) SSID in beacon and ignore probe request for
# broadcast SSID
# 2 = clear SSID (ASCII 0), but keep the original length (this may be required
# with some clients that do not support empty SSID) and ignore probe
# requests for broadcast SSID


I can patch that in tomorrow, so the value could be utilzed..

2) Is it possible to change the SSID and passkey without rebooting? [not a crisis if I have to reboot]

You could try just re-running:

sudo /usr/bin/bb-wl18xx-tether

Probably best to kill hostapd and just re-run: (with /tmp/hostapd-wl18xx.conf)

sudo /usr/sbin/hostapd -B /tmp/hostapd-wl18xx.conf

3) Is there a good way to use Python to change the SSID and passkey? My Python code has the BB (acting as a wifi STA) communicating with a server (AWS). I would like to remotely configure the BB with a softAP SSID and passkey, so that my IOT devices can connect to it.

It's a raw /etc/default/bb-wl18xx

sed -i -e 's:USE_PERSONAL_SSID:#USE_PERSONAL_SSID:g' /etc/default/bb-wl18xx
echo 'USE_PERSONAL_SSID="myssid"' >> /etc/default/bb-wl18xx
echo 'USE_PERSONAL_PASSWORD="mypassword"' >> /etc/default/bb-wl18xx


ps you can bypass the whole generated hostapd with:

# USE_GENERATED_HOSTAPD: use generated version of /etc/hostapd.conf;
set to no so user can modify /etc/hostapd.conf

Then just set /etc/hostapd.conf as you see fit, and on startup your
version of /etc/hostapd.conf will be used..


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