Software design contest #2

Congratulations again to Antti Seppanen for his BeagleBot[1] and Diego
Dompe for his support of usbtty in the Beagle u-boot[2] on winning
Beagle Board Rev C boards in the last software design contest.

We were a bit slow setting the dates for this contest with the hope of
getting some entries with 3D graphics enabled. Koen, a frequent
contributor to and maintainer of the Angstrom
Distribution that includes Beagle Board support, has given us a demo
to show that this is now possible for community members. In his
demonstration, he's running OGRE3D, an open source graphics engine,
with Wiimote control and projection on his ceiling with the TI Pico
Projector development kit.[3]

As one of the contest judges, Koen isn't eligible for the contest, but
you can build upon his work by utilizing the information provided on
the Beagle mailing list for configuring the SGX drivers
that are now available from TI for download.[4]

The contest details are at[5].
To try to keep us on track of a contest per month, submissions must be
complete, with all instructions and software, by Friday, February
27th. Good luck!


This isn't thread jacking, because I think this would make a good entry!

So do I. :slight_smile: Except, I believe the E-Ink display deserves to be
connected directly to Beagle via the expansion header rather than
requiring an additional xscale CPU connected via USB! So I've
described my idea in more detail here:

and btw, a first pass driver set (albeit for the xscale, I'm just
starting on mach-omap) has already been merged into the Arm tree.


That looks pretty nice, is the e-ink display sold seperately somewhere? I can only find the kit, which is $3000 for which I can buy like 5 illiad e-ink readers with more features and the illiads have a wacom touchscreen!



Thanks. Yes, the display is sold separately. The mainstream consumer
devices such as Kindle, Sony, are using panels from PVI. There are
also panels from LG. I would recommend talking to a downstream
reseller to avoid the high minimum order quantities.

btw, the kits have the same wacom w8001 inductive touchscreen as the
illiad. demo of that touchscreen here:


Dear all,

The James content submission is completed (although James development
goes on).

Project info and instructions can be found on

If someone has problems with the install or prefers to have a tar of
the root filesystem feel free to download
Note however that this is hosted on my domestic ADSL line (with an
upload capacity of 1Mbit/sec. Therefore the file will probably removed
Image size is about 110 MB. If someone else can host the image for me,
please do!

Any comments, bug reports, improvement suggestions or enhancement
suggestions are highly welcome.

Best regards,

Frans Meulenbroeks.

Op 27 feb 2009, om 19:59 heeft Frans Meulenbroeks het volgende geschreven:

Image size is about 110 MB. If someone else can host the image for me,
please do!

You can use in about 45 minutes



Thanks Koen for providing a mirror.

Some more things.

For a limited time it is possible to play music on my beagle using
gmpc. Just connect to ip port 6600
That will connect you to the mpd daemon on my beagle. There are only 3
songs there.
I'll probably disable this remove access after the weekend (or earlier
if abused or problems occur). The address above directly connects you
to the beagle and allows you even to play songs.(there are passive
speakers on the beagle so the volume is quite low anyway)

And if someone wants to see pictures of my messy setup or of midori
running on the beagle showing the pvr ui, also drop me a message. Then
again if you install the demo you can easily see yourself how midori
looks (and my messy desk is not *that* interesting :slight_smile: )


As requested by Jason I added some pictures. See
Also Jason informed me about some flaws in the install script. These
have been fixed (actually they were detected and fixed during the
final test, but somehow the fixed version did not get uploaded.

And some final remarks on my demo.
mediatomb for some reason does not work. It wants /usr/lib/libjs
without a .so extension. No idea what is wrong.


The next two early Rev C boards have been won[1] by
* Frans Meulenbroeks for "James", an open source PVR for the
BeagleBoard[2], and
* Jaya Kumar for "BeagleEPD", an e-ink display design that connects
directly to the BeagleBoard[3].

This is the last of the pre-Rev-C-release contests, so we'll be
restructuring the contests a bit now to enable more entries and longer
project durations. For the next contest, participants should begin
applying now for approval[4]. Approved projects will get a
BeagleBoard Rev C at the *beginning* of their project to help them
execute. Details on the approval process, time-line, and contest award
(s) will be announced coinciding with ESC Silicon Valley 2009 and the
BeagleBoard User's Group meeting that follows the Tektronix scope give-

Congratulations Frans and Jaya!


Jason, thanks for making this contest possible!

Judges, thanks for your votes and for the effort to jude the entries!

Wrt James:
As it is it is by no means a finished project. so expect some
However things might move at a slightly slower pace, as I will get a
less time to work on this. But development definitely will proceed.

If there is interest in specific functionality feel free to contact
me. Probably the first test with the rev C board will be to see if the
TV card works on the USB host port.

One additional question: would there be interest in a flash-only
version (so no need for an SD card apart from initialisation)?

Best regards, Frans.