Software selection for Beaglebone black

guys how do i choose which platform to work on?

Ångström Linux
Cloud9 IDE

I knw C/C++, JAVA lang…but i m ready to learn another if needed

I want to build real time OCR project using BBB as processing device…

I will describe my queries i missed out -

  1. How do i choose which platform to work on? I intend to use OpenCV for real time image processing. I have never used anything other than Windows platform. So guide me accordingly.

  2. I have gone through several tutorials, projects on the internet. What I see is the BBB is connected via ethernet/USB to a computer.(I am not talking about the power supply, an adapter will work too). In some projects there is BBB working as the only processing device, no computer is connected. I want the same for my project. Is there any tutorial describing a way how to go about making a project independent of computer? Or I am lacking some basic knowledge on this issue?

  3. I find tutorials on based specifically on Beagleboard, Beagleboard xM or Beaglebone. What are general changes/precautions I should take before implementing for Beaglebone Black? Or should I stick to only those tutorials that have information solely for BBB?

Thankyou in advance