SOLVED: Re: [beagleboard] Re: Beagle first boot problems thru serial

John/ Sean/ Santhosh,

Thank you all for all the pointers. I appreciate it.

At last, I was successful in booting the board up. I see the messages on the terminal as expected.

The IDC10 to DB9 adapter that I had bought had a IDC10:1 to DB9:1; IDC10:2 to DB9:6, IDC10:3 to DB9:2 so on configuration. I had to rewire it to the required IDC10:1 to DB9:1, IDC10:2 to DB9:2, IDC10:3 to DB9:3 configuration. This did it.

Am on to the next mini-milestone in my journey - getting the Angstrom demo running on my board.