Some advice to start with beagleboard programming


Maybe someone could give me some advice to begin. I do C++ programming
in Windows using Borland C++ Builder. Now, I would like to start in
Linux using the beagleboard as target. I want to do some user
interface work and translate some math and Dsp routines from my
previous windows works and I look for something to start from. Can you
point me to some environment in C or C++ or the basic tools needed to
start to develop for Beagleboard?
My idea is to work on a host computer under linux or Windows and
compile for the Beagleboard but I do not know the right tools in

Many thanks.



While most prefer Linux as a development platform for BeagleBoard,
there are a few of us who do use Windows for application programming.
There are some useful hints in the FAQ, e.g.:

I use the free CLI version of CodeSourcery GNU/Linux for Windows
2007q3-51 under Cygwin. Cygwin (also free) provides Linux tools (such
as GNU make) under Windows.

I would not try to do Linux kernel development under Windows, but user-
space application development has worked for me so far.