Some Assistance Sourcing 7"-10" lcd Touch Module?

I am looking to source a reasonable resolution LCD module (touch would be nice, multi-touch preferred) in the size range of 7 inches to 10 inches. This is for a one-off or limited quantity prototyping at the moment. Any pointers to a source are greatly appreciated.


Jonathan Smith

Find any LCD you like without TS and then buy Multitouch screen with USB interface

2011/2/3 Jonathan Smith <>

Lilliput LCDs are reasonably cheap. On other hand, I had a lot of
problems trying to install the usb TS (eGalax) in Ubuntu: I have
changed to Android so I don't really know if this TS works in that
distribution (may be in Angstron is easier to install., it depends on
Xorg version...). I still trying to configure the TS in Android... but
in this case the "modus operandi" is completely different...