Some Questions about the Display System


I have some questions about the Display System:

1. What is the difference of "video=omapfb.mode=dvi:1280x768MR-24@60"
My Problem is that the second one works with my LCD-TV but the first

2. I have looked in the EDID Information of my LCD-TV and
have converted my Timing to the framebuffer-Format -->[1] then i added
this information to

        /* 1280x768p at 60Hz */
        "720p", 60, 1280, 786, 12478, 192, 64, 20, 3, 128, 7,

and tried to start with this option: "video=omapfb.mode=dvi:720p"

Is that right? Because it not working!

I have also read [2] to understand the timings but nothing worked!

I would be good to solve this 720p Problem with the HD-TVs and this
confusion about the video mode parameters!