Some robot build ideas,etc. This isn't my first robot. This will be my first outdoor robot.

I’m currently using a SN754410en to drive a motor. max 1.5A. The SN74410en can interface directly to the BeagleBone Black. It works great… but I’m going to need more power for my outdoor robot. Once I find the platform I will build on I’ll know for sure. right now 20A stall current per wheel appears to be the target. I was thinking of going with a Lynxmotion 4x4 base or a Dagu 5 Rover, or building my own chassis out of aluminum stock. This wouldn’t be my first robot, but this time instead of an indoor robot I would like to build one that can navigate with sonar and gps. Dead Reckoning will be important too. Currently I am testing i2c sensors. I’ve got accelerometers, barometers, thermomoeters, this weekend my level shifter boards should be here so I can test my SFR08 sonar. I’ve got the motor driver working but I am just looking at the output on an oscilloscope right now. I haven’t found a base.

I’d prefer to build my own motor driver because my goal is to build a robot shield. The shield will have all the on board sensors such as gps, accelerometers , temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wheel encoder logic, battery current/voltage sensor, and motor driver.
Possibly camera too. The HD camera will always be an HD GoPro feed. The camera on board will be for object tracking only.
The usb port will more than likely be used exclusively for wifi. BTW I am getting great results with the UNW200 for Logic Supply.
I’m curious to see if anyone else is looking at building an outdoor robot platform and what chassis have they found.

very nice project.

I am look for some thing less expensive but that could get work.

i will, at first, get all at a phoenix 2000.

did you try to use some driver for servo?