Some upcoming BeagleBone books

There are some interesting upcoming BeagleBone books that I’m aware of:

BeagleBone For Secret Agents by Josh Datko

A yet to be titled book by Bill Pretty who previously wrote Building a Home Security System with BeagleBone

I was a technical reviewer on both of these books.

Finally, my own book on building hacking hardware based on the BeagleBone, Hacking and Penetration Testing with Low Power Devices, is now available for pre-order at Amazon

Thanks for meshdeck!! I use it a bunch in my OS (non-debian based). Good luck with your book.

Hi Philip;

Thanks for the kind words J

Actually I am working on the final chapter of my second book, which is tentatively called “Beaglebone Electronics Projects”.

This is actually a bit misleading because the first few chapters are fun projects that do not involve the Beaglebone J

In the final chapter we build a mesh network using ZigBee modules and the alarm system boards from my first book.

It has turned out to be more of a challenge that I thought, because there seem to be plenty of Arduino/ZigBee books.

But very little on Javascript/ZigBee/XBee implementations.

As usual with me, the hardware works like a charm and I am struggling with the software L

More later.


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Thanks for the review comments and posting this!

For those interested in the Secret Agents book, here is a discount code
that you can use to obtain a discounted pre-order: BBSAeB.