Source cache for recent BeagleBone image

To help make sure there is a public source cache for the recent
BeagleBone image, I built this[1] using EC2 saved-off the sources
directory to S3. Of course, building-angstrom[2] is the right way to
build the BeagleBone image, but in case any of the sources goes away,
this is an alternate mirror of all of those sources.

There is a delta---I couldn't get gnome-applets to build on Ubuntu, so
I reverted it out. Koen used Fedora for the build and I'm going to
try that next. Let me know if this is useful or distracting in any

The script I ran is './build.js angstrom'.[3] I reran the
'' script after performing the revert.

[1] Angstrom 2013-04-21-00:02:46
[3] validation-scripts/build.js at bda8415c58a88e3d8f95e08e23c1d4395001b926 · jadonk/validation-scripts · GitHub