[SPAM?] [beagleboard] Build environment

sv1eia wrote:

New in Beagle and OMAP so still try to find the fundamentals :slight_smile:
No self-built image done yet, but I do want to see how to do this.
I want to built the cross platform toolchain, create the target image,
add some target packages and programs compiled by me.
I'm familiar with buildroot and I've seen that instead the
openembedded is a method used extensively here.

The question is if I can use the buildroot or it has any problems in

yes, you can use buildroot, I do that for the OMAP3, tough not for the BB.

Also is the OE the most proper way to have the above builded?

most people here do OE and I guess you will get the most support
if you do it as well.