Spark Fun's new pcDuino a BBone Black competitor?

Just saw this announced. Looks interesting, HDMI out Cortex A8, 1GB
RAM, runs Ubuntu 12.10 and $60.

Could be a competitor for the new BBone Black

Interesting specs and price point.


The support behind this device is what kills it for me. With the
OMAP's on the Beagles, you get free TI documentation, as well as the
e2e network, and the Beagle SRM is MUCH better than the pcDuino's,
which is full of screenshots in Chinese and haphazard formatting.

I was just looking for the AllWinner A10 TRM and it turns out that
AllWinner goes at great lengths to keep it under wraps. I know I could
find a copy if I had time to actually dig for one, but compare that to
googleing AM3359 TRM and the very first link being what you're looking

Support is a big deal and this boards lack of it ins't worth the
savings OR the performance for me.