SPI and load average

Hi guys,

I was trying to run ardupilot on the 4.19.x - RT and non RT - TI version.
The ardupilot is using for IMU and Barometer the SPI bus. With the kernel 4.19.x the load average of my beagles in seconds achieve 15.0 and after 5 minutes the load average was near to 20 - and the sys(kernel) was the responsible for the high load.
I tried different approaches - change spi clock frequency, review the ardupilot code, tweak my linux limits and nothing. I changed the IMU from SPI to I2C and the software was running fine, with that I could see there is a problem with SPI bus.

As a last try, I updated the kernel to the TI’s 5.10 rt, compiled and load my dtb file and the load average now is between 1.4 to 3 - enough to run ardupilot.

Any clue what could happen ?

Best regards.