SPI BBB Master, BBB Slave

I am having issues with SPI between two BBB that may be simple to solve. I have spidev_test loopback working on each board but am having problems connecting the two.

spi0 master dts:

0x150 0x10 /* spi0_sclk, OUTPUT_PULLUP | MODE0 /
0x154 0x30 /
spi0_d0, INPUT_PULLUP | MODE0 /
0x158 0x10 /
spi0_d1, OUTPUT_PULLUP | MODE0 /
0x15c 0x10 /
spi0_cs0, OUTPUT_PULLUP | MODE0 */

spi slave dts:

0x150 0x30 /* spi0_sclk, INPUT_PULLUP | MODE0 /
0x154 0x10 /
spi0_d0, OUTPUT_PULLUP | MODE0 /
0x158 0x30 /
spi0_d1, INPUT_PULLUP | MODE0 /
0x15c 0x30 /
spi0_cs0, INPUT_PULLUP | MODE0 */

The oscilloscope shows activity when spi0_sckl (P9_17) is not connected but nothing when P9_17 is connected between both boards.
I am sending bytes from master with the command: echo 1 > /dev/spidev1.0

I need 4-8mbit/sec transfer, is this achievable by bit banging over GPIO and would that be a viable alternative to getting SPI working?