SPI Connection for BeagleBoard xm to interface with an ADS1299

Hello everyone,

We work currently on a project and we try to interface an ADS1299 with a beagleBoardXM via the SPI bus.
We try a lot of tutorials in order to activate the SPI bus on BeagleBoard XM rev C (angstrom, ubuntu …) but we did not succeed in enabling this connection.
In the last tentative, we try to cross compil an angstrom distribution for BeagleBoard with a kernel 2.6.37 : we succeed in making the cross compilation but the sd card where we write the distribution did not boot on the BeagleBoard.
Do anyone have a solution to solve this problem or even have an image of angstrom/ubuntu with the spi bus already activated ?
Thank you for your help


Compiling and preparing sd card is very simple.you will get load of information on that.
As far as enabling SPI, refer this http://www.brianhensley.net/2012/02/spi-working-on-beagleboard-xm-rev-c.html

Manish Kanchan