SPI0 on BBGW - no clock signal, bad data

I’m having problems setting up SPI0 on BeagleBone Green Wireless.
I’ve tried enabling it via pure dtb and via an overlay, be it custom one or BB-SPIDEV0-00A0, in almost every combination.
No matter what the configuration is, I can’t get a clock signal (I have an oscilloscope connected to SCLK pin - only some low-level noise) nor proper TX/RX (shorting MISO and MOSI results in reading garbage).

For testing I’m using spidev_test.
My device tree sources: https://github.com/GroupOfRobots/RobotConfig/tree/v3/DevTree
My uEnv.txt: https://github.com/GroupOfRobots/RobotConfig/blob/v3/uEnv.txt

I’m using Debian with kernel 4.4.80-ti-rt-r116 (I’ve tried on 4.4.68 too).